About us


As part of managing our production, we supply our producers with quality seedlings and fertilizers. This way we assure the production of varieties with the highest yield and of the highest quality while using the minimum amount of pesticides. The protection and fertilization of plantations are performed under the strict supervision of our agronomists. We pay great attention to the education of direct agricultural producers, although they already possess substantial knowledge passed down through many generations.

All Berries company is ready to meet the needs of all potential partners.We respect all specificities required by our partners and customers. Our team, technology and know-how will meet all your needs.


  • Highly trained staff

  • Quality seedlings and raw materials

  • Modern technological processes

  • High-quality produce

  • Satisfied consumers

  • Trust of business partners

  • Complying with national and international standards and regulations

  • Continuous improvement of our knowledge and skills

  • Employee safety and satisfaction


  • Environmentally healthy and unpolluted produce

  • Environmental protection

  • Selection of varieties in accordance with climate and soil properties

  • Keeping track of trends in variety selection

  • Return to the countryside

  • Raising the standard of living of rural communities

  • Creating new jobs

  • Contributing to the image of Serbia as a producer of healthy food


  • To expand our product range and to make our goods available anywhere in the world

  • To anticipate the needs of our costumers

  • Top quality and trust of business partners

  • To constantly motivate all employees

We collaborate with

The Institute of Pomology and Viticulture, Čačak

Our agronomists and technologists regularly attend expert lectures and seminars from the field of fruit growing organized by the Institute. This institute created many quality varieties of fruit, which gave it and its scholars a leading role in development of fruit growing in Europe.

We collaborate with

The Faculty of Agriculture, Zemun

Our collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture means constant exchange of information on new agrotechnical measures, EU regulations and standards in the field of fruit growing. We have several joint projects and experiments in the field of pedology and microbiology.

We collaborate with

The Institute for Plant Protection and Environment, Belgrade

The Institute for Plant Protection and Environment has a very modern organization. It conducts a variety of scientific research projects and collaborates with many institutes and faculties around the world. Among other things, the Institute is interested in the protection of plants from diseases and pests, which means that it registers all negative changes and diseases and offers recommendations for treatment. Collaboration between our company and the Institute includes exchange of information on diseases and protective measures, preventive actions, and education of our producers and our management.