November 13th and 14th, 2015


We want to keep producing top quality fruit in the future and therefore participate in scientific meetings about the development of the countryside, which helps us to continuously improve our produce.

The Institute for Countryside Studies, led by Prof. Dr. Đura Stevanović, organizes Vlasina Meetings where studies on the sociology of the countryside are presented. These studies examine the depopulation of rural areas alongside with economic motives of living in the countryside.

This year's meeting's topic was State and Countryside. In addition to renowned sociologists, the meeting was also attended by Miodrag Veseli representative of the Belgrade Chamber of Commerce, and state secretary from the Ministry of Agriculture, Prof. Dr Zoran Rajić.

Our company sponsored this meeting because we want to contribute to the development of ecologically healthy food. In the conversation with Mr. Rajić, our marketing director Goran Bogdanović asked about the Serbian government's plans to subsidize agricultural producers in the coming year, as well as about European production standards, processing and export of fruit to the EU market.

"We have the natural resources necessary for the development of fruit growing, but due to the depopulation of rural areas we lack manpower, which means investments in the field of fruit processing are required. The whole country would earn more from exporting processed fruit as semi-finished or finished product instead of exporting it in its cheapest form – fresh or frozen. State and socially responsible companies should jointly invest in these objectives in order to increase production and export to foreign markets, and at the same time ensure economic recovery of the countryside. This is why we sponsor meetings like this one and we are satisfied when both state and scientific institutes provide solutions for these problems", said Goran Bogdanović, marketing director of All Berries after talking to state secretary Prof.Dr. Zoran Rajić.